European Decorative Arts Company's collection of Viennese enamels includes works by Hermann Ratzersdorfer and Hermann Böhm, in popular Renaissance Revival forms and decoration, in painted enamels with silver-gilt mounts


Along with Limoges in France, Vienna became a center for the production of painted enamels in the second half of the 19th century.  Major workshops by well-known silversmiths, such as Bohm and Ratzersdorfer, created elaborate confections in the "Ringstrasse" taste, catering primarily to a burgeoning affluent clientèle and made primarily for export.


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Fine Viennese Enamel Desk Clock, Silver-Gilt, Mark of Hermann Bohm, Ca. 1880

Maker(s):  Hermann Bohm
Date: Ca. 1880
Materials/Techniques:    Silver-gilt, painted enamel
Origin: Vienna, Austria
Inventory #: 477
Marked HB for Hermann Bohm and A for Austria.

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