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We are in the process of producing additional digital catalogues. Please check back in late Spring 2014 to view the content on-line.


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Important examples of ivory carvings from the 17-19th centuries

Soft cover $25; Hard cover $40

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>> Read Foreword Online

Exploring the various materials used in the decorative arts over the centuries, such as amber, nautilus shell, ivory, and rock crystal

Featuring the variety of stylistic revival trends which defined the industrial revolution in a potpourri of materials

 A magnificent group of high quality objects made in ivory, coral, micromosaic, rock crystal and enamel, with a special section on the decorative arts produced at the Barbedienne bronze foundry in Paris in the 19th century

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We produced several fine cataloques as highlighted below. Each catalogue entry is given an extensive description. At the back of each catalogue, noteworthy sales are listed to provide further examples of works the Company has handled.


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