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Tankard with Carved Putti in a Bacchic Procession, circa 1680

Maker(s):  Ivory probably by Johann Jacob Betzoldt (1621-1707)
Date: circa 1680
Materials/Techniques:    Ivory, silver-gilt mounts
Dimensions: h 9.5 "
Origin: German
Inventory #: 540


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A strong case can be made in support of this carving having been executed by J.J. Betzoldt or his workshop. Betzoldt, a carver from Schwabisch Hall, was a student in the school of the Master Leonhard Kern (!588-1662). Although not as well known today as Kern, Betzoldt rose to become a highly regarded ivory "schnitzer" in his own right, his work having been purchased (in about 1679) by the City of Schwabisch Hall for their public collections. An identical ivory sleeve by Betzoldt, circa 1680, carved with the same humorous and charming "kinderbacchanal" or "childrens bacchic procession" (no mounts), illustrated op. cit. p. 82, fig. 14, is in the collection Herzog Anton-Ulrich Museum, Braunschweig. For further discussion on Betzoldt and for illustrations of ivories attributed to the Betzoldt workshop, see op. cit. pp. 81-84, figs. 12, 13, 15 & 16. 

Schwartz Collection, USA

Leonhard Kern (588-1662) Meisterwerke der Bildhauerei fur die Kunstkammern Europas, edited by Harald Siebenmorgen, published by Jan Thorbecke Verlag, the catalogue of an exhibition at the Hallisch-Frankischen Museum, Schwabisch Hall, Band 2, 1989.